Saturday, November 8, 2014

ee cummings

I was looking around fruitlessly this morning for a quote that vanished from my desktop. The quote said something to the effect that a writer who seeks the perfect time and place to write will write nothing. I couldn't find the quote, but in my search I did find this little 2013 article on ee cummings:


So two thought streams are on the go now.  Secondly, I did not consciously imitate ee cummings, though I am cut from the same cloth; I am part of the 101 plots of poetry and share this with him.  I don't like to give advice on writing.  I do not expect ever to be asked!  But if I were asked, I would say only:  'Write!"  and leave it at that.  Nonetheless, the article above is interesting, though I would have loved to see an ee cummings poem on the article!

Now firstly:  I am determined that my writing will be done in the morning. This is the time of day when my mind works best.  Afternoons are for naps, reading, teaching.  Yet morning is also the time of day when I have most of my chores to do. Today, I set up my nicely portable MacBook Air on part of the kitchen counter and wrote in between chores. It worked! So, author whose name I cannot recall who told me that a writer writes whereever and whenever, thank you!


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