Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bench by the River

A while back I began a separate story spun off from The Man who fell from the Sky.  My main bucket list work in progress is, as I have mentioned ad nauseam a multimedia and non-linear effort. I decided it would not end  except when I do.  That is, I will publish the core section by midnight, December 31, 2014, most probably in the iBook store using the iBook Author program.  This will be added to, edited and grow and die and move off in different directions for as long as I am able to work on it.  But a core story will be floating around cyber space by the end of this year.

My brain is like an old attic, filled with dust and cobwebs and mysterious boxes on shelves or scattered about the floor.  Every once in a while I open one of those cartons and take out stories and ideas to add to the Sky Man tale.  Sometimes I stumble into a box on a shelf and it falls and stories spill out, and I take one and use it also.

Well, one of those is called 'The Bench by the River'.  It is a romance, spiced with the reality of romance, intimacy of emotion and body.  This story is just over 2000 words now and will be both a separately published story, text only, released on as many eBook places as I can, and one of the linked  parts of  The Man who fell from the Sky.

Here it is December 31, 2014 and it looks like I won't make my deadline!  Quelle surprise! The Bench by the River is now 85% done and I may get a bit more finished by midnight, but may not!
The Man who fell from the Sky is at 79%, so will not I am betting. So close, but no cigar.

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