Wednesday, October 24, 2012


He touched the sadness with his tongue
feeling all about it
with the sort of love
one applies to holes in teeth
and various sores
recoiling at the darts of pain
unable to stop
feeling again

iCloud update

Since the Summer... iCloud seems to have been repaired...... I announce this with great relief, especially as the Java resets on the MacOS seem to have blown my other and previously preferred cloud service out of the sky - that is, I can no long upload anything to Box.. the files I uploaded in the past are still there... and I can still download them... but uploads.... nope.  The warming told me to reinstall Java.. and took me to the site.. I did everything as usual.. but no effect.

So... goodbye old friend Box and hello again to my lover who left me, iCloud.....


In a few minutes I will walk my two big goofs - a chocolate lab named Henry and his son, a black named Roscoe.  While walking them I will not be able to prevent my mind from spinning stories.  All my life - well, that part of it I can recall! - my mind has spun off stories.  They rattle around in my head, one after the other, the vast majority discarded.  There is no way I could type fast enough to develop them all.  They come when walking the dogs.  They come when waking up.  They come when falling asleep.  They come while shopping for groceries.  They come while driving the car.  They come while talking with others.  I used to engage in vain attempts to quell them - seeing this as a waste of time better spent.... working in an accounting office, or making love, or being sad, or angry, or happy ... or doing something.

Last night I was reminded of this by a friend when I said that I was trying not to do this - as though I had a choice in the matter!  She reminded me it is what I do.. who I am.

So..... stories.... lets go!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hard Decisions.

I have been looking at my options among all the work I have been attempting over the past three years. Right at this moment in time I have a heavy teaching load - three courses this term and four possible next, followed by a possible two in the Summer - with only two weeks between each, which is spent preparing for the next term.  On top of this, I am principle caregiver for my invalid wife - work that takes up probably about 80% of my waking time.  For example, in writing this one paragraph, I had to stop three times.  I have not been able to find any time to write - even simple poems take up more time than I can find now.

So, I have had to make a hard decision.  I will have to shelve my writing - the multimedia novel, arranging poems into the Book of Dreams site, getting Apple a Day ready as an eBook.   I will try to work on the Religions of the World eTextbook, and do some reading for my academic opus, Religion and Society in the Atlantic world - these last only because the lecture notes I write for my courses will find their way into these books anyway.  I have already 'hidden' my Experimental Writing Facebook page as it is embarrassing to have a page announcing cutting edge work where nothing ever appears.

This blog?  Well, I think I will try to keep it open, at least for a while.  If I find huge gaps between posts I will likely shelve it too.

Hard decisions.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

the travails of ted

I am spinning my wheels.  I look at the list of projects I have posted ..... a multimedia novel, a book of poetry, a iBook religions of the world text, a family history for a friend,  a still born book I wish to revive online, a multimedia book length essay, and teaching at two universities......

What am I actually getting done?  Basically the teaching and a bit of poetry... nothing else.

I must focus.

So.... teaching as it pays the bills here and now..... and the iBooks text as it promises to pay when done....and I must write the occasional poem to stay sane [well, my version thereof].... the rest will have to wait.

Monday, October 8, 2012

in a parking lot

What else does a writer do while waiting in a parking lot for someone? At least I think I am waiting for someone - maybe I am living a 21st century 'Waiting for Godot'. - solitary because individualism has reached its zenith (or nadir, depending whether you are a half full or half empty type) in this millennium. (sorry for the speed bump in the middle of that previous sentence - a nasty habit I cannot break!).

Anyway, back to Facebook now!