Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hard Decisions.

I have been looking at my options among all the work I have been attempting over the past three years. Right at this moment in time I have a heavy teaching load - three courses this term and four possible next, followed by a possible two in the Summer - with only two weeks between each, which is spent preparing for the next term.  On top of this, I am principle caregiver for my invalid wife - work that takes up probably about 80% of my waking time.  For example, in writing this one paragraph, I had to stop three times.  I have not been able to find any time to write - even simple poems take up more time than I can find now.

So, I have had to make a hard decision.  I will have to shelve my writing - the multimedia novel, arranging poems into the Book of Dreams site, getting Apple a Day ready as an eBook.   I will try to work on the Religions of the World eTextbook, and do some reading for my academic opus, Religion and Society in the Atlantic world - these last only because the lecture notes I write for my courses will find their way into these books anyway.  I have already 'hidden' my Experimental Writing Facebook page as it is embarrassing to have a page announcing cutting edge work where nothing ever appears.

This blog?  Well, I think I will try to keep it open, at least for a while.  If I find huge gaps between posts I will likely shelve it too.

Hard decisions.

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  1. You are the only.person who truly knows your limitations, Ted, and thusly only you are an adequate judge of when too much is too much.

    Regardless of that, there is one thing you must always remember: the work you do is touching and enhancing many lives - moreso than I'm sure is even plainly evident.

    Keep at it, good sir - life is hard and it's full of even harder decisions, but keep on fighting the good fight and know that you are never alone in your struggle. I applaud your efforts and commend you for the energy and disposition with which you face your everyday.