Monday, September 3, 2012


Finding time to write in any of the ways I practise this art is difficult for me.  A long time ago and in a galaxy far away I made a list of ongoing projects.  I am glancing at it now - in print format - and realize that some of those have dropped off.

So here is the updated list [and I will produce it is order of priority]

  1. teaching [three teaching contracts this term - which starts Wednesday] 
    1. Religion & Society in the Modern World - online at the University of Guelph  124 students, 2 Teaching Assistants
    2. Religion & Society in the Modern World - online at the University of Guelph/Humber  89 students no teaching assistants
    3. Judaism, Christianity, Islam at the University of Guelph/Humber  56 students no Teaching Assistants
  2. Religions of the World for Northern Blue Publishing - preparing section on Islam to test iBookauthor app - aimed now at the iBookstore
  3. The Man who fell from the Sky - multimedia eBook fiction/fantasy
  4. Book of Dreams - poetry multimedia eBook and also website format
  5. Religion and Society in the Atlantic World since 1500 - multimedia eBook - History
  6. family history project for a friend - already paid me in a bottle of Welsh single malt whisky - Penderyn  VERY NICE!
  7. revisions to Apple a Day - a project cancelled by James Lorimer Publishers right at the point of setting the text and photos!

Question is...... how do I fit all this in... other than setting a list of priorities.  Teaching will take most of my time as that is immediate both in terms of weekly deadlines and bi-weekly pay.  Religions of the World will get next as that promises to be realised in a concrete fashion by year's end.  The others, I have reverted to my rule of at least one sentence a day....

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