Monday, September 24, 2012

Indie or not

The Indie book list blog decided the other day to stop posting. It was a long explanation to which I will post a link after I get to my laptop. But the gist of it was that the word 'indie' presupposes 'crap' in most people's minds. I believe the word was borrowed from Indie films - which have the reputation of being experimental, pushing the boundaries of art and so on.

Ok!  On my laptop now.....

So the use of the word 'indie' to label independent, self-published books was [is?] an attempt to catch some of this cachet of beyond the boundaries experimentation - of brave individuals with good ideas and good products but not the big bucks to package and promote their work.  The indie list site seemed to be a place where this could be put into effect.

Apparently not - according to the last post of the blogger there, they were inundated with crap - more books listed than ever purchased.  Rather than becoming a Sundance cyber festival for independent authors, it became a dumping ground for bad books.

Read it here and decide:

As for myself, perhaps the blogger had a good idea, but it needed honing itself - rejecting books that were badly written or badly edited but allowing those that were, if perhaps a bit rough, a chance to shine.

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