Monday, April 6, 2015

Why I don't read Steinbeck

This was posted on facebook today. I lay in bed with one eye open and read the whole thing. Snippets of letters and things by Steinbeck on writing.  There was an introduction by the magazine author but both eyes closed as I skimmed that part. But Steinbeck! I read every word. Then I wrote a brief letter to a friend and now I am writing this. (Be right back- my bagel popped in the toaster and hunger MUST be satisfied first)

Ok. I might write indistinctly as I have bagel in my mouth. I have a terrible weakness.  If I read something then go to write, I write in the style of the person I have just read. I vanish and another inhabits me and takes control. And Steinbeck was a very great writer. I wrote the letter to my friend as Steinbeck. I began this blog post as Steinbeck. But! As I write along, spewing nonsense (he was right about that), I start to take back control. 

Anyway, that's why I don't read Steinbeck.

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