Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What to do? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Well..... Over the past few months I have begun [it's about time!] to think seriously about writing.  I have written hundreds of poems - published four short collections of them in POD on lulu.com and one that I am proud of in the iBookstore [multimedia].  They don't sell, of course, but there they are. Prior to these I had a half dozen books in print - five of them commissioned by local historical groups, and one by a traditional publishing house [James Lorimer & Co.].    I had two academic books planned - one a study of religion and society in the Atlantic world, which engages my deepest intellectual interests, and another a series of iBooks on World Religions. In my first phase of rethinking my writing I abandoned both of these - well... perhaps in some future perfect time, assuming I live to be a thousand, I will get back to them.  But in that first phase of my reality check, I knew I would never have time to write these.  So they are consigned to the cluttered attic of my mind.

The second phase of my reality check came last night.  My passion is poetry and a form I choose to call prose poetry.  I have only one project that I am desperate to complete:  The Man who fell from the Sky.  A truly multimedia [not enhanced!] eBook prose poem - something actually new and different and the product of my imagination.

The problem is, I do not know if I will have the time left even for this one passion.  So... to make the odds slightly better I 'hid' my two Facebook pages dealing with writing - Experimental Writing and Books Published, in order to remove the temptation to play by putting poems and excerpts in those places.  I was going to abandon this blog, and may still... but I seem to need a place to rant, think things out in words, .... whatever.

Some might say, make time.  Hmmm... well 75% of my day is spent caring for my invalid wife, and most of the other 25% in my day job, teaching online courses part time at two universities, and publishing some things for others under my hesitant almost publishing company, WordDancer Pubications.  I am a little nervous about no longer having several writing projects possible, as they are cutting me back due to financial constraints in the Humanities and Arts [I teach History].  I might keep a Romantic bit of erotica that is a spin off from Sky Man.... probably I can justify it that way and one who knows told me I write erotica reasonably well.... and there is money there....

So.....I will keep my WordDancer Publications project going, and focus on the erotica spin off from Sky Man and then Sky Man.  Everything else to do with writing will have to be subdued or vanish.

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