Sunday, November 17, 2013

The end of a great idea

Some while ago I discovered an interesting app for the iPad called tactilize - that allowed one to produce interactive content for the iPad in individual 'cards' - but the name 'card' belied its depth.  I chose the word 'depth' as it describes how this innovative program worked.  You had only one page, yes... but you could embed content under the surface of the single 'card' - videos, sound, photographs, drawings, text.. and put text as a kind of main page as well as all these other elements.  They were hoping to improve the software to allow for multiple cards.  It was a truly innovative means to publish multimedia directly to the iPad.

I am a poet and wrote a number of multimedia poems - mostly different fonts and colours combined with photos - and yesterday was going to do my first with a video.... when I tried to publish, I got an error message from the company that hosted it in the cloud.  I found's Facebook page.. and posted a query there.... and received the answer a little while ago.. the company is dead.

Requiescat in pacem.... for a truly interesting way to publish directly to the iPad....

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  1. An update - the site is back up, but only to offer it for sale..... so no new cards unless someone is brave enough and has the moolah to take it on