Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A writer's day ends at last

Well, here it is 1:32 a.m., technically tomorrow, but I have never been entirely partial to the cold precision of science.  As I have yet to to go to bed, it is still today.  I left off many hours ago and am a bit too tired to detail every part of my day since then.  Let's just say that the day was a mix of housework, taking the car for an oil change and to have its heart checked which was a bit of a break for me as I could sit and play on my iPhone while I waited.. then some small things to get at Denninger's, the Austrian/German deli. I returned home and spent time grading assignments..

I didn't have to cook much as the chill con carne had been bubbling merrily all day.. just heat some commercial frozen garlic baguette.. and eat.  Unusually I had two, or rather 1.5 helpings [there!  I can be scientifically precise!].  I paid bills too - always a wretchedly stressful activity in these days of too many expenses and too small an income.

The evening dog walking was pleasant as it is cool and there was a light rain which felt good.....

From 11:30 to just a few minutes ago I worked on finishing grading so I could have some free and clear time tomorrow to write - or rather to finish the editing of Apple a Day.

Anyway.. my writer's life today consisted of about a total of a half hour writing in this blog.... out of a 17 hour day....... not good!  But.. unless I win a lottery i must have my day job!

Night all.....

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