Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Waiting for Apple

I hope my wait is not the same as in the Samuel Becket play, Waiting for Godot
.  I submitted my small book of poems , The River, to the iBook store vetting team in late August.  A few days later I was issued a 'ticket', which is AppleSpeak for there was a formatting problem that needed to be repaired before the next step in publication in the store. I used a template on the iBook Author program - I used this as I wanted to do a multimedia book and I expected fewer problems using an Apple program. Apparently some of the templates only work in landscape, while some work in both portrait and landscape... and I inadvertently picked a landscape only mode...but this requires the ticking of a box to prevent IOS devices from attempting to switch when rotated.  So I repaired that - it took all of ten seconds.... and resubmitted.

I noticed yesterday that the 'ticket' had disappeared, but that the book was not yet in the iBookstore.  I googled around and found that it can take anywhere from hours to weeks before it appears in the store.. in my case, stores.. as I submitted it to 51 stores around the world.

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