Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have been meditating on the condition of aloneness.  Not loneliness... but aloneness. Solitude..being alone in your spirit if not physically... a human atom.. interacting with other atoms, but separate.

How does one write this?  Stories - whether they be fictional, semi-fiction, or the Histories I often write,  are based on human community and human contact with other humans.... this drives both fiction and non-fiction.  My central character, Simon, in my novel The Man who fell from the Sky... is in a state of aloneness.  Much of what I have written so far has him with friends, girlfriends, a wife or two.... love, hate... boredom.... human contact.  But he is alone. I don't mean in the philosophical sense that we are all alone - we are born alone and die alone and all that... I mean a kind of solitariness of spirit... where you move through life sealed at some intrinsic level against deep contact with others.

Sometimes this is a result of an 'alone' soul.. sometimes it is forced on one through circumstance.  At this point, I have not learned yet which of these two Simon is.. but I would place bets his aloneness has been forced on him by circumstance, not by his own character.  Unless, of course, his character drives others away.

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