Friday, May 4, 2012

Writing the old way

For some reason I can no longer fathom, I entered into a hot discussion on the Writers' group on Linkedin - not my usual eBooks group, but one for writers.  The moderator was lashing out at self published books, and praising old line publishing.  A side debate over commas was also ongoing.  I stupidly mentioned it all seemed so, well, out of step with what was actually happening in writing - that self publishing no longer had a stigma since the advent of eBooks.  This set off a firestorm of protest.  I am still shaking my head, thinking perhaps I had stepped through a black hole and had been transported bace to 1951 or even 1971.  People there actually believe that old style print book publishing will continue on as though nothing has changed..... I guess in the way that music stores didn't bother with iTunes, or typewriter manufacturers worry about word processors...... It was instructive, this visit to the past....

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